Winter Checklist For Pets

Winter Checklist For Pets

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Keeping pets active and happy in winter is good for their health – and ours! So the PDSA have put together a winter checklist to help us prepare for the cold weather.

WinterDogWinter Checklist For Dogs

Dogs need regular outdoor exercise but in winter choose daylight hours whenever possible. If you have to walk your dog in the dark:

• Keep your dog on a lead unless in a totally traffic-free area
• Wear reflective clothing and carry a torch
• Get your dog a glowing collar and lead and other safety devices to aid visibility, particularly if your dog is dark-haired.

If you walk your dog in the snow or when the temperature is below freezing, make sure you:

• Towel dry your dog as soon as you get home or use a hair dryer on a low setting held some distance away
• Consider getting a winter coat for dogs with thin, fine hair
• Prevent snowballs forming by trimming the hair between your dog’s toes or training it to wear doggy boots.
• Don’t let any pet stay outside in freezing tem
peratures for a lengthy period without access to shelter and warmth.
• Never leave a pet in a car. Even a few minutes in a cold car can cause hypothermia.

winter_catWinter Checklist For Cats

Ideally, keep your cat in at night to reduce the risk of road traffic accidents but you need to prevent it from becoming a couch potato. Cats are easily bored, so games involving humans keep them active:

• Now is the time to introduce new games and toys to exercise your cat’s body and its mind
• Activity centres, safe cat mobiles and scratching posts are ideal winter diversions
• Hide a favourite toy and encourage your cat to seek it out.

winterbunnyWinter Checklist For Small Pets

Because of their size, small furry pets are very susceptible to temperature changes.
As the temperature drops, you should:

• Bring them indoors or move their hutch to a car-free garage
• Ensure the hutch is dry, well ventilated and has extra warm bedding
• Change bedding at least twice a week.


To download the PDSA’s full winter checklist click HERE.


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