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Care Resources


Pet parents are deeply in love with their four-legged family member and are always on the lookout for pet care resources. Well, Pets Direct understands the bond you share with your pet and offers a range of resources to help you to take care of your beloved friend. Our pet experts are available to share valuable advice and tips to pet owners.

  • Whether your pet is experiencing behavioural problems or socialising issues, our experts can help you to deal with the problem. We have a selection of resources, books, tips and pet-friendly products to help your canine overcome behavioural problems. Learn tips to train your canine for social situations or when a new pet or baby arrives.
  • Our pet care resources are designed to address pet health, pet diet and allergy issues. Learn why some pets are intolerant to specific foods and how you should treat the issue. We have specially formulated pet food for different age groups. Discover which food formulation is the best for your canine or feline and which food products to avoid at a certain age.
  • We have listed some of the best pet care tips to help your pet stay healthy and happy. A deeper look into these guidelines will suggest how best you can look after your four-legged pal and help it stay in the best of health. Our online store is replete with pet care resources, including pet food and pet toys, which are integral to keeping a pet healthy.
  • Discover the best ways to combat fleas and ticks. Find out which flea treatment works best for a pet. You will also learn the importance of keeping your house free from such parasites in order to avoid the trouble for your pet.
  • Learn the best potty training tips from us. Find the best potty pads, litter boxes in our store.
  • With us, you will understand how to keep your pet stress free. We also stock the best stress tab lets for dogs. Learn a plethora of tips to reduce their stress and anxiety.

Pets Direct is about everything pets. Whether you own a canine or a feline or any other pet, Pets Direct has solutions to all pet problems. We stock a huge selection of pet-related books that are flooded with information about specific pets and give you the best advice about pet care, feeding, travelling and housekeeping.