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General Wellness


Pet wellness is crucial to keeping your pet healthy and happy and helping improve the life quality of your four-legged friend. It comes from a holistic blend of different aspects, from pet food to exercise to mental well-being. Here we share a few tips for general pet wellness:

  • Always give your feline or canine indestructible hard rubber pet toys as opposed to thin rubber toys, which can be easily swallowed and chewed. If a pet swallows a toy, they could get seriously ill and require surgery. The non-toxic, dishwasher safe Kong dog toys are available in different forms for all pets. Some are for regular chewers, some for puppies with baby teeth and some others for canine with powerful jaws. Avoid using string as a toy, as your feline may ingest the string, which can be life threatening.
  • Pet diet changes can cause all sort of health issues, like diarrhoea, vomiting and pancreatitis. Do not allow your four-legged pal to eat food it is not accustomed to. While feeding them new veggies and fruits in small amounts may not cause any harm, fats aren’t a healthier option, and could create an issue. Avoid feeding the chocolate, which is regarded as toxic to pets and could cause kidney failure and even nervous disorders. Focus on pet food specially formulated for each age group of dogs, cats and other pets.
  • Overweight or obese pets do not enjoy a healthy life. In order to promote pet wellness and health, it is important to whether they keep an ideal weight. If your canine or feline is overweight, they should be fed a diet that is enriched with nutrition but does not add to their body weight. For underweight pets, there are specific pet diets available with Pets Direct to keep their weight in control. Of course, a physically active animal is more likely to enjoy better health and wellbeing than a lazy one. Your pet should have at least 20 minutes of exercise two-three times every week. Playing and exercising together is a great bonding opportunity between you and your pet. During winters, you must check pet diet, especially if it is not physically active. However, make sure you do not let your canine play on snow or ice. Remember, a number of dogs are annually lost in snowstorm during winters. If you own a feline, do not let it go outdoors, as cats can freeze, get injured in cold and snow and may be exposed to infectious diseases.
  • Dental care is often ignored when it comes to checking pet health. In fact, oral health is crucial for overall pet wellness and should not be overlooked. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly. You may also use special dental treats so that they enjoy great oral health and strong teeth.
  • Do not leave your pet unsupervised, especially in outdoors, and that too around the pool. Make sure it does not drink pool water, which comprises chemicals and chlorine.
  • While travelling with pets, it is important to keep it calm and peaceful. Take pet toys along that will keep your canine or feline busy, thus keeping the stress levels down. You might want to carry stress tab lets for dogs after consulting with your vet.

Pets Direct boasts a huge range of pet wellness products and accessories to help keep your four-legged friend happy and in the best of health!