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Pet Holiday


Holiday is a fun time for everyone, and if your pet is accompanying you to a vacation, it definitely adds to the fun. However, it is equally important to keep your four-legged friend safe during travel while making sure you keep pet food, medications, stress tab lets for dogs and other pet toys and accessories with you.

Pet Holiday Travel by Air

If you plan to travel by air with your pet, confirmed airline reservation is imperative for taking your pet aboard. Most airlines accept a limited number of pets. You must bring your pet’s medical documents and prescriptions and the health certificate issued by the vet along while travelling. Not only this, it is crucial to bring a proof of vaccinations and medications.

  • Bring a pet carrier that meets the regulations of the specific airlines.
  • Make sure the carrier is padded so that your pet feels comfortable and can stand up and lay down with ease.
  • Buy good quality pet carriers that use mesh to ensure proper ventilation. This will ensure that the canine does not experience breathlessness.
  • Secure food and water containers on the bottom of the carrier.

Driving With Pets

If you are going on a pet vacation by a car, do not forget to make your kitty or canine comfortable. It is important to take adequate breaks in between the long journey by road.

  • Do not forget to prepare ahead for the pet vacation. Prepare a list of vet clinics and pet-friendly restaurants along the route.
  • Carry along a quality leash for walking your pet during the holiday as well as pet stops. If your kitty is travelling along with you, take a travel-size litter box as well.
  • Be sure your kitty or dog can turn around comfortably in the pet carrier.
  • Make sure you carry your pet food along. You never know whether you will get the same quality food where you are travelling. Feeding your pet a different quality food may cause food allergy.
  • Keep your pets safely secured with a seat belt in the vehicle so that it does not distract the driver’s attention or jump out of the vehicle.
  • Pack old towels, potty pads, baby wipes when you are driving with your pets for cleaning purpose in case of accidents.
  • Never leave pocket pets unattended in a soft-sided carrier, as there is a risk of them chewing their way out.
  • Make sure your pet wears appropriately sized collars with ID tags so that there is no risk of them getting lost in the crowd during a pet holiday. Add your name and contact details on the pet carriers.

By taking all the precautions, you can ensure a happy, safe holiday for pets. Pets Direct has a range of pet holiday and health supplies. Explore our online store to find the best deal for your canine today!