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Pet Care Library

Gifts for Pet Lovers

Are you wondering what to gift a loved one or a friend who loves animals? Well, the specially designed gifts for pet lovers at Pets Direct will make a great birthday present idea. Whether you are looking for a unique, decorative or useful item, we have a great range of gifts for cat and dog owners and other pet parents that will most certainly bewitch any pet lover.

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Pet Health

Pets add fun and bring excitement in the life of their owners. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take effective steps to keep your pet healthy and happy. The following tips will ensure better pet health and improve longevity.

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Pet Behaviour

Are you unhappy with a poorly behaved pet? Is your dog aggressive or soiling in the house? Are your pets fighting? Are you having trouble with training your pet? If your answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, then the problem lies with your pet behaviour. Issues, such as toileting, sound phobia, aggression, destructiveness, chasing, excessive vocalisations, car travel stress, are often related to behaviour.

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General Wellness

Pet wellness is crucial to keeping your pet healthy and happy and helping improve the life quality of your four-legged friend. It comes from a holistic blend of different aspects, from pet food to exercise to mental well-being.

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Care Resources

Pet parents are deeply in love with their four-legged family member and are always on the lookout for pet care resources. Well, Pets Direct understands the bond you share with your pet and offers a range of resources to help you to take care of your beloved friend. Our pet experts are available to share valuable advice and tips to pet owners.

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Large and Small Breed Nutrition Needs

Have you ever considered paying attention to dog food, just as much as you do for yourself and your family? Can reading a dog food brand label prolong your pet’s life? Does your pet need a diet? Well, dogs have different nutritional needs at various stages of their life, just like humans, which makes it imperative for pet owners to meet the nutritional needs of their dogs, making sure they haves a balanced, wholesome, and tasty menu.

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