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Refer a friend

Sharing Nutramuscle products with your friends, team colleagues and fellow gym users is a great way to build our community and also help you (and them) achieve your fitness goals. Referring your friends is also a rewarding experience for you both as your friend gets an immediate 5% discount and you get extra reward points:

  • Introduce a new friend to Nutramuscle.com, and not only will they receive reward points, but on their first order, you'll receive 5 reward points for every £1 they spend.
  • So for example, if your friend spends £50 you will earn a fantastic 250 reward points.
  • Your friend needs to place the referral code you send them in the voucher box at checkout for them to be activated (this appears in Reward Points section of your profile)
  • You are able to pass on your referral code as many times as you want, so the more friends you encourage to join up, the cheaper your plan becomes

How can I promote Nutramuscle.com?

Here are a couple of tips to help you promote your favourite advanced sports nutrition - in all instances, make sure you give people your referral code in order that you get your extra points:

  • Put a status update on facebook with a link to the site
  • How about posting something about our sports nutrition on Twitter?
  • An email to some of your team members, work colleagues or friends could go down a treat
  • Print out some sheets with your referral code and our url on to give them out?